School Visits

The Riding Academy of Crete is the perfect place for an allday visit of schools while children play and are entertained for several hours in it. A basic advantage of the facilities is that they are spacious enough for playing.

The visit can be combined with an educational program of the Academy or a performance of the Minoan court for children as well as with a full meal in the restaurant situated in our facilities.

Visits to schools, KDAP, and agencies that deal with the child.

Our educational programs are aimed at kindergartens, nurseries, primary schools, high schools and also special programs for special schools as our horses are trained and we provide therapeutic riding.

You can visit us on a weekly basis, on a monthly basis or even for a nature excursion with the horses! Experiential play and riding is something kids will love!

During the school year we implement various educational programs:

  • The HORSE (includes riding, horsemanship, shoeing)
  • I love animals
  • Seasonal programs:
    • The bread making routine
    • Grapes and wine making
    • The journey of olive oil
    • All about the bee


Contact us for school trips.