School Visits

The Riding Academy of Crete is the perfect place for an allday visit of schools while children play and are entertained for several hours in it. A basic advantage of the facilities is that they are spacious enough for playing.

The visit can be combined with an educational program of the Academy or a performance of the Minoan court for children as well as with a full meal in the restaurant situated in our facilities.

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We have given Special attention to the interactive and experiential participation of children in every educational process. Depending on the age of those involved and the nature of the program, the children will participate in role playing or take part actively in the educational program. The small groups will ensure the communication conditions and active participation in each program component. The children involved, touch, see and generally, their senses are stimulated during this process. The result is that they learn pleasantly and they record the messages given by each program.

The Horse

In the ‘Horse’ program children learn the world of the horse, its habits, the human-horse relationship and the way we look after it. At the Riding Academy of Crete, the children are taken on a tour around the stables and they can participate by feeding with carrots and experience the process of their grooming and brushing. Program duration 45 ‘-60’. Suitable for kindergarten / primary school children.

Shoeing – a rare profession

Shoeing the horse is the process performed by the farrier, a profession which was obsolete but has been revived during the recent years. Children in this program are able to see how to do shoeing and how we make a horseshoe. Discussions take place and historical background is provided, as food for thought so that the children ask various questions. This is combined with a tour of the area. Duration of the program 45′-60 ‘. Ideal for elementary and high school children. Scheduling is mandatory one month in advance.

I love Animals

A program that focuses on our responsibility towards animals. What kind of care is needed, what are the natural living conditions of pets , furthermore emphasis is given on raising children’s awareness regarding stray animals and they get informed about the process of adopting one. They get to know up close farm animals and can caress and feed some of them. This is combined with a tour of the area. Duration 45′- 60 ‘. Ideal for preschoolers and elementary students.