Paralympics Horse-Riding

STINNA TANGE KAASTRUP - Member of the Danish National Paralympic Equestrian Team

The Paralympics is equal to the Olympics for people with kinetic disabilities. Horse- Riding is one of the most impressive sports in the Paralympics and contributes to remediation and improvement in the kinetic skills of those who took it up. It is called Para-Dressage.

The horse-riding Academy of Crete has dedicated many years and is now a big part of the Academy in teaching horse-riding to people with kinetic disabilities.

Since 2010 our club has been participating in Paradressage competitions, training athletes with special needs, and aiming to the development of this sport in Greece.

The Riding Academy of Crete is one of the few riding clubs that promote the participation of disabled riders in the sport encouraging them to evolve from therapeutic riding sessions to proper riding lessons.

We are proud to have in our Academy the two most successful riders of Greece who form the National Team of Paradressage in 2022

Dimitra-Eleni Pantechaki

This lady was born in 2000 and due to some birth complications has suffered a disability on the right side. She started therapeutic riding in 2005 and has been riding since then. She has won a lot of national events and has managed to compete in the EUROPEANS 2019 in Rotterdam.

Her goal is to compete in the PARALYMPICS in Paris 2024

Michail Kalarakis

Michail is a graduate of Psychology and has been riding since he was 9 years old. He has been competing Internationally since 2013 and had a long break due to his studies and in 2022 he entered the sport in order to qualify for the WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP 2022.