Equestrian Sport

In the Riding Academy of Crete proper riding principals are given from the first lesson already.
We offer training on Dressage, Show Jumping and Paradressage which is the official sport for people who have kinetic Disabilities.

Every student who decides to evolve from the riding school up to sports horse- riding, must follow some rules of the Greek Federation. These are:

  • riders must be at least 10 years old,
  • a member in our sports club and
  • take exams for the ‘’ Athlete ability licence AAL” which are conducted by the Greek Equestrian Federation.

By obtaining the “AAL”, it is possible to participate in official Riding Competitions which are taking place by the authorization of the Greek Equestrian federation in local level (Crete) or National (Athens).

Our Club has already been distinguished in several formal events.