The facilities of the Academy are open to the public and are a multipurpose space of various possibilities. Its main activity is the Equestrian School but the visitor can walk in our lush gardens, enjoy a drink or snack at Ippikos Cafe, and if he wants to try the contact with the horses or the ponies.

The Riding Academy of Crete is located just 5 minutes from the city center of Heraklion and is the ideal destination for an afternoon or Sunday walk. On the premises you will attend riding lessons and training, you will see our horses up close and if you want you can meet the world of horses through our lessons.

A unique place that offers the possibility of contact with nature.

The Academy

For group visits or during holidays our opening hours are different, upon request our center is flexible and willing to serve your needs.

Our restaurant, IPPIKOS Restaurant/Café is serving homemade food, please call us for more info


Horse and horseback riding are synonymous with freedom. It is a fact that the most intense feeling that riding outside the track gives you is freedom.

The Equestrian Academy of the Heraklion Equestrian Club offers various programs of free riding individually or in groups, VIP programs as well as vacation packages, always maintaining as a maximum condition the safety of the riders and horses.


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